What's a Zombie paintball hayride?

Good question! Our "Zombie Attack Vehicles" are outfitted with paintball guns mounted on both sides. Each rider is assigned their own paintball gun. A ZAV assistant will fill your gun’s hopper with 150 paintballs (included with paid admission). Each team (20 - 24 per trailer) will be taken deep into zombie territory to locate and “exterminate” the zombies. If you shoot up all your ammo before you finish the ride, you may purchase another 150 paintballs for an additional $10. To help combat last year's lengthy wait times, we're adding a third Zombie Attack Vehicle this year, as well as timed ticketing. The Zombies are returning this fall. Will you be here to shoot them?

NOTE: YOU DO NOT GET SHOT WITH PAINTBALLS ON THIS RIDE. You shoot the zombies with paintballs! How fun is that?!